Metal Roofing

metal roof

Roofing is a very important aspect of the construction of a building and when it comes to selecting the right material to use for the roof, care has to be taken. Several things like the budget of the client, the intended activity of the building, the weather and climate of the area have to be put into consideration. If you are looking for an alternative in terms of roofing materials to use for your commercial or residential buildings, metal roofs should be considered. The roofs are fast becoming a preferred alternative for the traditional type of roofs e.g. asphalt, clay, and to a large extent, it can be said to be a good option in many ways.

What Kind of Metal Can I Use for My Roof?
There are different types of metals available on the market as roofing materials. Some of them are Zinc, Iron, Steel, Aluminium. Selecting a material for your roof might come across as a lot of technical work for clients so we like to make things easier for them. When it comes to selecting a metal roofing material, to make things easy for you as a client, you can start with the color you would ultimately want your roof to look like. After this, we take note of the client’s estimated budget and work with it to get an appropriate and durable metal for the roof.

Pros of Metal Roofing
There are so many advantages attached to metal roofing. The advantages revolve around how long-lasting and durable metal roofs are. An average metal roof can last for about 70 years and when compared to the 20-year life span of asphalt roofs, that is a lot. Also, metal roofs are impact-resistant, they do not corrode easily and when compared to the others, they require little to no maintenance. Metal roofs are also fire resistant, they facilitate cooling in a building and they can be recycled. So, if you are the kind that wants an environmentally friendly option, this is your best bet.

Cons of Metal Roofing
As much as there are a lot of advantages attached to metal roofs, it also comes with disadvantages of its own that discourage a lot of people from selecting it for building construction. One of the major ones is its price point. Metal roofs are more expensive than the other types of roofs and most times, are not within the budget of the client. Although it makes up for it long term by benign durable and recyclable, it is still expensive. There is also the possibility of rust in low-grade metal roofs.

Cost of Metal Roofing
The price of a metal roof is mostly determinant on the material selected and the quality of the metal chosen. There are high-grade and low-grade metals. High-grade metals are however recommended as they save the client a lot of issues in the long term. At Roofing Pros of San Antonio, we offer the best prices when it comes to roofing and can work with the budget of the client to produce a durable and stable roof.